Whisper of today 20.11.2014

Whisper of today 20.11.2014

Take the time. Take the time to realize that you deserve pleasure.

The minute you allow yourself to sink in a bad mood, an exhausted

body state, a heartless approach, a disconnected stance or

the number of times you turn down any sort of rest or taste of pleasure,

you are cheating no one else but your own self…deceiving the one

you live with every day, your closest of the close, your best friend- YOU!

Why?- You probably wouldn’t cheat your “worse enemy” yet  you end up

cheating YOU…& every day! You may be working super hard, investing most

hours out of the 24 in your day, placing all your best potential and most sincere

intentions, honouring what you do and giving it value, but how much do you truly

respect you and the Life that has been given to you, when you don’t place the

exact same quantity & quality of devotion, respect, time & efforts to giving yourself

in that very same day, the gift of pleasure, relaxation, the gift of self-awareness that

“yes, all the above has been done in my day, which is perhaps a reason on its own to

deserve an extra big plate of pleasure at the end of it, but it is all a mere part of the

many human roles we respectfully carry out – no need for over-identification”.

For when we unzip the many uniforms of the roles we have been given the talents

to perform, what remains? A heart? The spirit and the feeling with which we will listen

to a joke, watch a movie with, carry out a thing we enjoy, connect with a friend,

& it is that very same soul with which we’ll go to bed at night. You take care of that soul…

granting it a calm sleep, comfort & open doors so that your heart’s light can shine in and out. J

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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