Whisper of Today 16.10.2014

Whisper of Today 16.10.2014

You may expect others to understand you, you may

wish for others to just ‘get you’ or see things as you do or

at best to recognize your efforts, your hard personal situations,

your acts of honesty or those of kindness, weigh them down,

and then agree with you, admire you, honour and respect you,

but the only one who needs to understand you, see things clearly

for yourself, appreciate why you do what you, align your actions and

circumstances with your conscience and personal principles, is You!

Once you recognize your efforts, your good intentions, once you know

you are investing your outmost best, carrying out your every role in life to

your best potential, honouring all those roles whilst ensuring you pay

your gratitude to the Gift of Life by in fact enjoying life and balancing

all the demands of the 21st  century, then no one else’s agreement, recognition,

understanding or empathy really has any place and no one else’s admiration,

credit, appreciation or respect really plays much role or is needed.

Get to know your truth, see it with your own eyes, see it with your heart….

feel good for your actions and be that person who recognizes your values & virtues.

Soon, the opinion/view of others will cease to be of any importance,

it’ ll be just another opinion or view which, just like yours, you would have

learnt to accept with peace and to respect with good intentions.

Love, Light and Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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