Whisper of Today 08.10.2014

Whisper of Today                            08.10.2014


The only thing that stops you from achieving things, from

getting to places,  reaching goals, creating situations, from experiencing

emotions, finding beauty, seeing perfection, feeling the magic,

is your lack of belief in all of it, your core disbelief in all that magic.

For, despite your belief or disbelief, you ARE a divine being, with unlimited potential;

You are great, you are wise, you are Love and you are loved, you are watched

over and always taken care of! Whatever you think, you create, so think big

& create big! Whatever you place doubt to, you fail to manifest…so stop doubting!

Even the most cruel of acts of someone or the most challenging situations lead you to

finding ways to restore your inner calmness & show you the way to your inner light,

thus every such act or situation is really a Gift of Love. Without darkness, none of

us would bother to search, find or go towards our inner light. Feel safe & warm at the

knowledge that there’s nothing you can do or choose that is wrong.

Have faith- full faith- in the amazing beauty which makes up you, the world you came from,

the human world you are now in and the world you will be heading back to!

Allow magic to be a concrete reality in your life, not a far-fetched ideal & theoretical concept!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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