Whisper of today 17.09.2014

Whisper of today                             17.09.2014

Today is the name day of Saint Sofia, Saint Agapi, Saint Faith and Saint Hope.

Do you stop to consider how holy these virtues are or do you

just repeat them, pressing the button of your auto-pilot patterned thinking at their mention

yes…these concepts are sacred”. Do you practice Love? Truly and through a spherical view,

from all the different angles of your human & spiritual existence? Is love under your skin

in every role you perform or do you consider love to be an element present in some of them,

believing it is ok that love may not be present in the performance of some others?

Yet Love is not something we sometimes have and sometimes not. Love is not something we

search for or something we expect in our lives from external factors or something we give out to others.

Love is what we are. Love is the only truth of what we are. Love is gratitude and Love is ever-present! Feel right now inside your heart the love you are; feel its subtle warmness melting down any internal icebergs, any harsh emotions stored within. You cannot escape from love, you cannot have it selectively, as love is you and the magic explanation behind your existence which no science book or logic can give or comprehend. Love is you being, living, learning, growing, love is present in your every act, your every thought, so have faith in it, pay attention to it & don’t place it backstage & other emotions as centre-point. Calm down all your thoughts, fly above your ‘problems’ like an eagle & see clearly that you are the key to their solutions, realizing that Love is you beyond your various human roles, yet that it is through all these human roles & human interactions that your Love is best manifested & expressed.

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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