Whisper of today 29.08.2014

Whisper of today                            29.08.2014


‘Image’- some of its dictionary definitions being “a mental picture or impression of something”; “a mental conception held in common by members of a group and symbolic of a basic attitude and orientation” or merely a “reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing”.

Why do you think we need images? Why do you create them? For yourself, for others, for those you first meet, for those already close, for strangers, for people in the market, people on TV…the first thing you have adapted to do, first thing your body starts to do is an illusionary mind-process of manifesting an image.

We have been conditioned to think and to feel that we need one. This is a cool way to walk, this is a hip thing to wear, that’s a nice style, this is an interesting aspect on a person, this gives me character, this is boring/lame/foolish, even having no style/image can often turn into a mind-desired style/image. And like this our special qualities hide and our uniqueness becomes less distinct and our light less vibrant…& the more we chase the light, the more it runs away from us & the more we walk life searching to find ourselves, the more we lose ourselves, not realizing that all we ever find and attach upon ourselves is further images that push us away from ourselves and our happiness, a self & a happiness we always have inside and never had to look anywhere else for in the first place.

For you can’t trick the universe, nor the true essence of each other…Truth is felt, TRUTH is ALWAYS felt… Go ahead and relinquish all insecurities & thoughts that call for an image, feel the relief that comes with knowing you don’t have to be cool, interesting, fun, stylish or whatever other adjectives describe sought images you can think of….you just have to be, trusting & seeing clearly that your pure self combines all of that effortlessly…When your ego does not get in the way, your image ceases to be “a reproduction or imitation” of anything or anybody, you are not a puzzling replica, not a walking internal conflict, not a blurry pretence sending out mixed messages… You are Truth; calm, pure perfection…Freedom.

For better an ‘ugly’ truth than a fake beauty…but then Truth can never be ugly can it…? So that soon dissolves and Truth remains. And who doesn’t like Truth?

If you don’t show utter and respectful Truth to you, how can you show it to others? If YOU are not 100% Truth, how you then demand 100% Truth from life and others around you? Dare to detach from all judgment and all images and simply indulge in your own Truth, your own Light…mindfully in the moment and in your heart! Your Truth is always perfect- no questions asked.

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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