Whisper of Today 27.08.2014

Whisper of Today                            27.08.2014

What if you were to view yourself as a potential, for which you

alone could allow light to shed upon? Would you then shower

yourself with ample light, help the seed of potential to grow or

would you shadow it and keep it in the dark? What if you were

told that your mind cannot grasp the grandness of your being &

science cannot prove it, but true potential is what you are…nothing

bad, nothing good, not weak, not superstrong…just a mere potential

which can and is driven to experiences & outcomes, all reflecting your

mental and spiritual state. The world around you is a reflection of the

collective mindset of all the people in the cosmos at this very moment,

of all those roots of potential. What if you were to show gratitude for all

you have and utter faith in all the beauty you are capable of creating?

How much light would you be shedding to your potential then and how

much purity would your existence then project? Honour yourself, love

yourself, trust yourself as those are the best forms of light you can water

your plant of potential with, feeling raindrops of light on your skin & heart!

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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