Whisper of Today 18.08.2014

Thought, dedicated to my yiayia Maria, who was my first & last intro to Divinity, Faith & Prayer and to my friend Eliza, with whom I always express myself the clearest & through whom sharing and analyzing makes me see, filter and find my inner self the most!

Whisper of Today 18.08.2014


When there’s no answer to all your why’s & what’s,

when a BIG question always remains unanswered at the very

end of it all, when you can’t even begin to conceptualize what on

Earth or on Heavens it is that you are actually performing down here,

in a physical bodily form living a so-called “human life” (?), it is perhaps

to that indefinite answer, to that energy resting behind ALL of that,

that you need to show your humble abundance, respect & trust…

As where it all ends, that is where this supernatural paranormal inexplicable

divine energy comes in, this “energy” given the human term “God”, a God

who is always kind, a God who is good, who provides ‘love’ & ‘hate’ for us but

also ‘freedom of choice’ & yet is constantly praying for us to choose for Love,

who is ready to accept, forgive & who can move winds & tides powerfully, all

with the purest & best intentions. Stop trying to understand why…stop

questioning the purpose of your existence so much, instead pay attention

to the journey & simply enjoy the experience! Choose to live lightly with

deep faith, to feel happy, to think simply, to find everything in nothing…

Your existence alone is indeed a miraculous fact, just like your understanding

of these words on paper too….do you really need to hear more before you surrender to His blueprint? Do you need more to see you are a magical product

of Mother Nature, of God? You are always watched over, you are always safe & taken care of, you are always a child of Divinity, perfect, whole & complete…

Love, Light & Truth,

Tania Pirilidou


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