Whisper of today 30.06.2014

Whisper of today                       30.06.2014

Do you expect others to make you feel special or see your beauty

& thereby express their love or can you already see how special

you are? You can be bombarded with all the cordial compliments

& most sincere care and Love in the world, yet if you don’t already

know yourself how beautiful, unique, courageous & kind you are,

no beauty can be perceived nor received by you, even if it is consi-

stently & persistently thrown in your face! The more you love You,

the more you love Life, the more you love Love, the more room &

faith you create for more love in all its forms, whether found in the

face of a partner or a friend, in a dog or just the wind! When you are

aware & touched by Love, it multiplies as it comes to a place where it

is selflessly welcomed & truly appreciated! To know better is to know

that no one else but YOU holds the key to your happiness as that is

something you remind yourself, choose for & place within every day…

Every thought of fear or worry, every thought of blame on someone

else or on life for your current state of circumstances or psychology is

just another time/way you deny control over your life. To know better

is to know that you are the only one who knows better for you; To know

better is to know that you never know better than another for that other.

Be the one who loves YOU the most & then Love is your forever companion

like a basketful of goodness in your hands, ready for sharing for those who so wish!

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou


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