Whisper of Today 25.06.2014

Whisper of Today                    25.06.2014

Do you take full charge of your life or do you often

act like the victim of it, blaming others for situations

you have found yourself in? Do you dare to speak out

your emotions with your family, with your friends, your

partner, Yourself or do you hold things in until they get

utterly distorted by the repeated mind-pattern in which

you process your almost identical thoughts every day?

Not speaking out your truth, your raw blunt truth & not

verifying with yourself & communicating to others how

it is you may feel or view a situation can lead to living an

unhealthy life of constant internal conflict, as your mind

will say 1 thing, your heart another, your lifestyle, another

your circumstances another….Instead take a deep breath;

realizing that “acting in a very honest way towards my

human self, brings Calmness & Serenity to my heart…”

Amalgamate your human self with your spiritual self &

feel the Balance, Confidence and Kind Power that carries

when you tell yourself that “nothing I do can be right or

wrong; nothing is nothing, no thing.” If it’s your Truth, it’s

good & definitely better than your Lie! Carrying so much

fear & doubt about what you say or how you act or what

will happen is only evidence that you take your Human role

WAY too seriously, as if you’ll be living this life & role Forever!

Love & Light,



Tania Pirilidou


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