Whisper of Today 29.05.2014

Whisper of Today 29.05.2014

Do you treat other children of this world, the way you’d

want others to treat your own children? Do you behave

as a parent the way you would have truly wished to be

treated by your own parents? Are you the kind of friend

you aspire having? Are you the type of colleague you

wish to be working alongside? Are you the professional

you would want to hire to deal with your jobs? Are you

the kind of child you feel you would be content to have as

your own? Do you treat yourself in the perfect way you wish

that fellow humans are treated? Or do you just expect these

things to come without you giving them out? Do you expect the

ideal without believing in it and without truly practicing it?

The abundant flow of give & take in this life only gains meaning

when offered selflessly, without expectations, where it feels right

to your heart, whereby there is an effortless circle of reciprocity

which touches your soul & makes you grow. Realize that each

person’s truth is their truth & each person’s life is their journey,

their choices, their experience…& they are freely entitled to walk

through any path. Whether that path is a path you ‘d consider ‘right’,

a path you would wish for, a path you would opt, is irrelevant…!

To live a FREE life, you must approach the life of others with that

very same acceptance and free spirit & mind, otherwise you are

deceiving others and above all, yourself. When you take others,

yourself & all the roles involved therein too seriously, remind yourself

that we are all children of the same planet & of the same sky & breathe!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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