Whisper of Today 22.09.2015


“Loving myself” often sounds quite selfish to most people. When

they are encouraged to love themselves, place themselves

first, retain control over their life’s situations, follow their truth,

listen to their gut feeling, it sounds, even to the most willing of ears,

a teeny tiny bit selfish. Yet loving yourself is the most unselfish act

you can do for others, for saving one person is as big as saving the world!

Imagine a garden where love inhabits, where the flowers blossom, the trees

are healthy and strong with vibrant different shades of green, alive bushes, plants

effervescent greenery, wonderful sunflowers, pink mini roses, butterflies and bees

– picture it just as you wish! Imagine now a garden without love, where the water

source is dry, trees and plant leaves are neither vibrant nor fresh, flowers almost don’t exist.

See yourself as no different to a garden. Provide yourself with love and you will have a

better place to offer yourself a peaceful stroll & a beautiful place to invite others into.

Creating an inner garden of love and inhabiting it daily means you are at a happier place

to love others, call them in, comfort and embrace them with it and give them times of joy!

Loving yourself can never be a selfish act. Loving yourself is a nothing but a kind act. It is

about making thoughts of glory, carrying convictions of trust, listening to your own

whispers of empowerment, speaking words of wisdom and intelligence, acting with

generosity of spirit, feeling with a kind compassionate heart, creating habits of

humour and good fun, having no rigid beliefs yet unyielding loyalty to your truth!

Be the first to tell yourself ‘it’s all great!’, the first to point at the rainbow and see

clearly how loving yourself is the most beneficial act you can give out to this world,

creating a small version of a magical human inner garden, walking amongst us,

energizing and revitalizing yourself and this cosmos!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou



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