Whisper for today 02.05.2014

Whisper for today  02.05.2014

Viewing others as helpless victims of a situation does not make

you a compassionate person but merely one who sheds doubt

and mistrust to the person’s abilities to find their way through it ,

portraying in fact disrespect to the higher lesson thereby involved.

Each word we utter, each attitude we carry, each reaction we have,

each resentment and each image we sell or seek is rooted in our own

weakness to see our own & others’ true light and has nothing to do with

our deeper self, the untouched spirit of all of us which is Perfect,

Whole & Complete…it has no needs, no wants, no worries, insecurities

or anxieties…Honour yourself, your human self as well as the spirit

of you…connecting with it more each day…as your spirit is always there,

unshaken by the games of the ego, disinterested in games of power,

knowing wisely that there is no winning or losing…no comparing

or complaining…There is only Life and Life is Now. Separate no

longer from your heart but honour and respect yourself, others & Life,

so they can all shine their gracious light right back at ya!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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