Whisper of today 09.04.2014

Whisper of today                      09.04.2014


Life and Love is so interconnected, it is no wonder

that we feel life sucks when we forget to feel our Love…

How often do you remind yourself the love you are?

Do you remember to tell yourself ‘I love you’ and with

that forgiving your human –role  related “mistakes”’?

Your pure essence and core being is always PERFECT;

functioning, breathing, walking, talking, feeling, achieving,

sharing…all of which sound simple but are truly miraculous

activities…it is you who places doubt in your perfection, it is

only You who fears standing in this world completely fearless;

in full abundance and full trust…it is only you who can choose

the lens through which to view you, others, life & all things in it.

Today put on your happy lens and let yourself be drawn by nature,

such as the wind, the waves, the birds…paying tender attention to

the moment and all that comes with it, seeing clearly that you are

all of that, ALL is part of you as You are Life & Love, interconnected!


Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou


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