Whisper of Today 12.03.2014

Whisper of Today     12.03.2014 

Whatever you do stay in the given moment· Take in each & every

millisecond out of 1000 therein! Truly feel them· don’t drown them

in repetitive or perhaps pointless thoughts of need or worry but

instead be there, like the true witness & real observer of your time,

of your life….not only because it slips away with the blink of an eye,

but also because if you don’t, who will? Who else or who better can take

in & digest the unfolding of your life’s moments than YOU?

Only You can & that’s a fair bargain because it’s yours & no one else’s.

Finish reading this thought & observe what happens when you shift

your attention inwards, to the vibrations & aliveness of your hands.

Feel that buzzing yet still sensation & then stepping outwards, feel the

peaceful quietness of the energy in the ambience around  & the comforting

silence present in it. Be kind to the current moment by placing it your attention

as that is Love in its grandest forms! Get lost in the moment-not in your thoughts of it.

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou


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