Whisper of today 24.02.2014

Whisper of today             24.02.2014

A baby thinks he is what his mother’s gaze tells him

he is; if the mother gazes at him with love & joy, he

thinks he is love & joy! If the mother gazes with worry

& discontent, baby is then worry & discontent.  Equally,

our life, its circumstances, its routine works in a similar

way, picking up on your energy & your gaze at it, decoding

your accompanying emotions & reflecting all of that. Life

is what? Has anybody answered this question? At the end

of the day, with the question remaining unanswered, each

of us interprets, thinks, understands or thinks he understands

life & its purpose just as he wants to before he vanishes back

into the universe. Smile at that thought & truly realize that

your life is only evidence of your expectation & understanding

of what Life is, seeing also clearly that your life or parts of it

can change, if you just switch how you gaze at it.  Just as you

clean your home or your body, spend time in cleansing your

inner self, as only your inner Garden can bring you true Spring!

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou


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