Whisper of today 20.02.2014

Whisper of today              20.02.2014

Think of how much energy we waste thinking of whether

we are where we are supposed to be, placing so much

attention on the circumstances of our life, rather than

focusing on our Life, placing attention to YOU, to your

breath, to LIFE! True love for you and true respect for life

is placing the past behind, which is its place anyway, the

future ahead, which is again its place and truly being with

you, with your life as it’s happening right Now! Instead of

wondering how your life could be better, consider also how

your life could be a lot worse & instead place gratitude by

considering the many things you may take for granted as

basic, yet are precious and are in your life. Feel not only

gratefulness but also complete Trust in the path you walked

through so far…as for you to have walked from that very

path, that path was yours, hiding your treasured lessons & you

have lead yourself to experience precisely what you needed

to…stepping on some thorns and yet picking up some flowers,

going through storms more often perhaps than rainbows…all of

which have made you however the special man or woman you are

today! There’s no wrong or right in your choices· for each one

of us the lesson is different. No choice is right & thus a gift and

no choice is wrong & thus a punishment. Each choice has its

reasons and value that only you & your High Self knows. Waste

no more thoughts of regret or anger for the past; instead embark

upon paying thanks & respect to yourself in the now, making in fact

no longer thoughts, but just being calm, peaceful, joyous & contentJ

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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