Whisper of Today 19.02.2014

Whisper of Today 19.02.2014

Calming yourself down is just as much in your control

as allowing yourself to go ballistic and truly in turmoil.

The second choice will leave you with bitterness, possible

increased heart-rate and generally toxins generated from

the ill-thoughts, ill-feelings and outrage of anger you had

experienced or hold inside. On the other hand, the first choice

of calmness will leave you with a harmonious breathing,

a tranquil mind, serene energy and wiser thoughts leading

to fruitful actions, beneficial for you, others & society overall.

Every act of kindness to others is firstly an act of kindness to

you as kind thoughts, kind words, kind eyes, kind heart are all

like fertilizers to your own internal garden, like miraculous

health-giving healers to your own sacred temple, curing and

filtering your mind, body and soul, radiating love & light to

you & all around. Be Kind, be Truly Kind…so kind that you

don’t even allow others’ potential ‘cruelty’ or ‘mal-intention’ to

be taken in, remembering that your kindness transforms all

into neutral acceptance and your heart has only room for

sweet thoughts and smiles, full abundance to life & to what is…!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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