Whisper of today 14.02.2014

Whisper of today         14.02.2014

They say that “love is a game for two”…but is it?

What is love with another being if love doesn’t

rest within? How much can we love & give if we

don’t truly love ourselves & if we don’t honour

& love, Love? Love is being honest to yourself,

Love is listening to yourself, trusting yourself,

feeling fearless, yet humble…Love is respecting

yourself & the gift of Life, Love is cracking a

joke to yourself for your heart to laugh, Love

is seeing the funny side of life, make life light

& breezy…taking care of you…placing words

of wisdom & kindness at your pillow each night,

welcoming the day with certainty of creativity,

gratitude & health! By giving yourself the gift of Love,

the forces of nature conspire & ensure that it is spread

in the most beautiful, subtle & respectful way onto others!

Love is not a game for two…It is a game for one which,

when “played”, becomes a game of the whole cosmos!

No one can add a sparkle in your eyes or sprinkle love

in your life, besides yourself! Once you do, you inevitably

sprinkle your joyous love dust, effortlessly, everywhere! J

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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