Whisper of Today 03.02.2014

Whisper of Today     03.02.2014

We have learnt to think that doing something

is useful & constructive so long as it is ‘correct’,

discarding in that way all the things or all that

side of us which is doing things in the ‘incorrect

and unconventional kind of way. But just think

of that part of you which you end up ignoring or

throwing out or often feeling guilty about! Could

it not be that behind that incorrectness to social

norms, lies a hidden treasure? Imagine all those

mistakes & the creativity placed in one’s search

for answers or hidden behind alternative ways

of being…& imagine how, by blocking all that out

as ‘unwanted’, you end up throwing out potentially

a big or small part of you & you risk walking life’s

journey, without ever getting close to seeing a side

of you…There’s no pretty & ugly side of you, there is

no wrong or right; seeing  & getting to know every

side of you brings you closer to you, to your true self

and Source, to Life… There is no doubt that your ‘wrong’,

‘bad’ or ‘foul’ side is still You, still capable of leading

you to various paths of yourself & often will force you

even more into being creative & strong & through it,

rightly ‘right’! In the same way a fair mother doesn’t distinguish

her children, you too shouldn’t differentiate between your

various sides, good & bad…Love, trust &use your ‘wrong’

side and your mistakes JUST AS MUCH as your ‘good’ and

correct side! These are just definitions, of which You are

the combined and all-rounded beautiful outcome! J

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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