Whisper of today 28.01.2014

Whisper of today             28.01.2014

Think of the moment when you had entered this world…

that split of a second which your innocent little heart &

body entered & experienced the outer world, planet Earth…

this Universe…!Now in this split of a second, picture & see

the perfection your soul & mind enjoyed at that moment when

everything was perfect unless proven differently, when all felt

safe unless revealed threatening, when you were a mere observer

before taking on the student role. Conceptualize yourself becoming

now that baby, paying gratitude & due respect to him or her…

realizing that that baby, YOU, were perfect whole & complete then,

as you are now. Unlock your chains of the different roles you have

been taught to play & believe as so crucial whilst growing up, embrace

your fears & insecurities or narrow mind-sets you have learnt to

think represent you today, with your complete understanding of where

they come from and with full awareness that none of it is truly you, as

you know that that baby, You, had none of all that when you first came,

but resembled purity in spirit, a limitless mind, inherent wisdom, kindness

& acceptance of All…carrying thus infinite opportunities of growing, living,

loving & learning! Don’t lose touch with that baby or toddler but amalgamate him

or her with your adult self & live truly aware of your unlimited & sacred being!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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