Whisper of today 21.01.2014

Whisper of today                   21.01.2014

How powerfully and how clearly do you walk life?

Do you fear the judgment or opinion of others or

do you just place significance on how you feel for

a situation? Adapting to others means to respect

others, accepting others & being honest to them…

& not conforming yourself to their nature & demands,

all of which may arise from their “victim” role, with you

being placed in the unfortunate role of the “pleaser”.

Anyhow, from the pretentious pleaser role, nothing

which you give out is received fruitfully as the energy

behind your giving is not from the heart, but the ego-mind.

Giving back everyone their responsibility for their

own lives is much more respectful to You & to others.

Whether you are a mother, a husband or a friend,

if only you profoundly comprehend that others’ path

is theirs, theirs to walk, to figure out, to learn from &

it is different to yours, then you provide them the liberty

& much better backbone of support & embrace whilst

they walk it, than you taking any other action. The key

to loving others, truly experiencing joy in others’ joy, is

a gift granted only to those who kindly & honestly love themselves

& when felt, there’s truly no better way to feel…One with All!

Love & Light,

  Tania Pirilidou


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