Whisper of Today 14.01.2014

Whisper of Today                             14.01.2014

Whatever we do requires our focus & attention.

Anything carried out with our mind elsewhere,

with our heart not there, with auto-pilot mode on

is as good as not being carried out at all. Why?

Because there is a body, repeating everything the

mind has repeatedly learnt to think & instruct it to,

whilst the soul is not activated & the thinking is taking

over the sacredness of that activity & the beauty

present in every moment; a moment which will itself

never be repeated or ever come back. The biggest

gift of kindness & graciousness  you may give yourself

& others is your deep attention in the moment & the

true digestion of just that. Just for a moment reflect

on how often you give yourself that gift. Now snap

out of that thought & dive into the moment with full

gratitude & awareness of the magic imbued in your

every breath. That special rhythmic breath is You..!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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