Whisper of today 16.12.2013

Whisper of today 16.12.2013

When you have convinced yourself you have learnt something,

you have stopped viewing it as a process of learning but as a

finished area on which you have become an ‘expert’. Experts

may feel confident & secure but they place themselves in a dead

-end, whereby no lessons exist. Instead, be a humble ‘beginner’

in life…eager to continue the lesson, to see that you can always

still learn, change, be challenged & triggered…develop & grow

more…& more! Look around at the life you are leading, listen to

the rhythm of your heart, enter silence & become aware for a

minute that your life, important & special as it may be to you &

those around you, is nothing but a flick of dust in the galaxies &

only a moment in the vast universal time. Allow your wisdom to

enter your soul & truly feel what your mind allegedly comprehends

in theory, reminding yourself that Smiling, Loving & Giving are a gift

to you & the best way to honour the gift of Life. Embrace change &

choose change when you see that an old habit of behaving & being

is truly not doing you well, as it can only poison you. In the sacred

awareness of Life, there’s no space for ego, stubbornness & judgment,

only for acceptance, humility, forgiveness, unlimited possibilities & love.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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