Whisper of today 04.12.2013

Whisper of today  04.12.2013

Smile & the world smiles back, frown & the world frowns too!

Today don’t follow plans, musts and mustn’ts or your everyday

regular pattern of thinking & feeling…for others, yourself, the

world! Instead break free from limited & repeated old thoughts!

Everything’s gonna be alright when you place your full faith in

that ‘alrightness’! Don’t be doubtful or afraid of change as those

doubts & fears are what is holding you back from reaching it!

Don’t be hesitant to give up your “identity”! Losing it may grant

you “the card” to your own undiscovered magical paradise which

lies in all of us! Trust your instincts more & really listen to your heart

– ignoring your heart is ignoring you! How can you then expect life &

the world not to ignore you? Leave when there’s no real reason to

stay. Drop an attitude when you recognise it’s not really yours!

Laugh & forgive yourself if you fail to do either of those! So what? J

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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