Whisper of today 15.05.2014

Whisper of today            15.05.2014

When you start your day with a thought of doubt,

do you think your days will feel certain & secure?

When you carry bitterness inside, either for your

choices, your circumstances, your life, yourself, do

you really believe you allow much space for thoughts

of kindness? When you are busy being so angry, do you

make room for appreciation? Without appreciation, is

there anyway anything you have or will ever have, will

be of any value? When your mind is always so lost in a

desperate search for more reasons to be unwell, persuading

you daily that life is a “hard inconceivable battle of non-sense”,

do you truly believe life will ever make sense or that you will

take notice of its beauty? When you offer yourself a daily

exercise of negativity, bombarding yourself with emotions of

weakness, how high are your chances of getting in touch with

your power? Pure happiness comes when you go to it…when

you actually invite it in your life, when you reach for it with your

heart & not your mind, when irrespective of what goes on around,

you convey an inner feeling of genuine love & kind intentions.

Start from being grateful and doing small acts of give & take,

and rest assured that life will offer it all back abundantly!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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