Whisper of today 24.10.2013

Whisper of today  24.10.2013

People say “push your limits” to achieve things…

By saying that you already accepted that there

are limits & limitations to your abilities which

must be broken or somehow surpassed. What

is required to achieve things is your complete

faith in that you have NO limits, no limitations…

that you can achieve whatever you set your true

confidence on, that every-thing is doable; Life will then

unfold to reveal only your true thoughts & intentions.

All it truly takes is a moment of true awareness

that as a Master of your life, you can do anything,

handle everything, survive it all & excel…knowing

that there’s no one better than You to make your

dreams into reality by breaking through the strong

identification & emotions of limits & limitations &

feeling clearly your own power & unlimited potential!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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