Whisper of today 29.10.2013

Whisper of today  29.10.2013

We live nothing but the outcome of our thoughts.

That silent observer that dwells behind the curtains

of our brain…that feels, that reacts…who is he?

Scientists, when entering the head, have found no

substance or organ to describe or explain this still

observer that dwells there. The minute you conceive

something as possible, you’re almost there in manifesting it

into reality. Each situation you find yourself in, you have, in

essence, attracted it & you have placed yourself there! If you like

it, it’s up to you to stay…magnify its beauty & taste its joy! If you

hate it, it’s up to you to leave, put an end to it or to stay yet choose

to change the way you view or handle it. Positive thinking is not about

having no dark or negative thoughts…it’s about accepting such “bad”

thoughts as part of your human experience whilst placing a thin shield of

positive thoughts on top of those hundreds of negative ones & thus

living the reality of the positive ones. Realise that whatever you believe

with 100% of your cells, you give it the driving force to illustrate itself in

front of your eyes. Yes! You are greater than you can conceptualise!

You ARE unlimited potential of all!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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