Whisper of today 21.10.2013

Whisper of today 21.10.2013


You are capable of everything, everything

JUST Everything! A big part of being clever

is realizing JUST that…Recognizing your

unlimited potential & seeing clearly that

there is nothing you cannot achieve when

you plant seeds of Trust, Faith, Confidence

& Abundance to the flow of life! Don’t fear

old bad habits or mind-patterns as those

can be changed with some practise when

you make that choice in an instant! Have a

boundless belief that it is You controlling

the strings of your life’s show, attracting &

choosing how each event will unfold…Inspire

& energize the lesson appearing from each

event with no spores of doubt but with full

& peaceful knowledge that you have all the

answers & the perfect ability to deal with

whatever comes up, so long as you trust YOU!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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