Whisper of today 15.10.2013

Whisper of today  15.10.2013

Take a deep lungful…& exhale.

Feel gratitude for yourself for

how well you perform all diffe-

rent roles you have taken up,

for your conscious choices, for

the connection you experience

with all around , for the love u r,

the compassion you feel for every

one…realizing that you alone are

the Captain of your life’s boat, in

charge of the journey, in charge

of seeing the journey, embracing

the journey, enjoying it & not paying

too much attention in what you do…

but more to how you do what you do…

Happiness or misery is…just a choice!

Choose for happiness & reassure your-

self that it is all going to be just fine…!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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