Whisper of today 27.09.2013

Whisper of today  27.09.2013


Your acts of kindness & good intentions are not something

from which others, who are the subjects of such acts, gain from

but are in fact more beneficial to you. How often do you awaken

inside of you that ego-less feeling of just doing something self-less

which entails no ‘advantage’ to you but your joy of heart at seeing a

smile on someone’s face, at the knowledge of offering to another

heart a hint of bliss, a little relief & the warmth behind the message

I care…”. Be aware that you don’t get addicted to being ‘nice’ or being

thought as ‘nice’ as that converts in an instant a self-less pure act of

giving & sharing into an ego-boosting & ego-originated activity.

Other times, one may over-focus on being kind to others & overlook

himself. Being kind is not placing ourselves in the backseat or victimizing

ourselves & being a ‘pleaser’, as that again turns an act sourced from love

into an imbalanced ego-bound weakness. Being kind starts with being

kind to You, respectful & caring to You, which then reflects gracefully onto

others. Trust that your system functions with such wisdom as to ‘pick up’

& detect the purity of your every emotion & the truth behind your every

intention. Don’t be fooled that it can be tricked yet don’t be afraid to surrender

to your heart’s emotions for we are all good at heart as the heart knows no bad…

Be kind but be strong; caring yet respectful, compassionate yet powerful, proud

but humble…You can’t trick your own heart, so your best bet is to follow it…& BE it!

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou

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