Whisper of today 03.10.2013

Whisper of today    03.10.2013

People despise their pain & suffering, feeling always

like it is an unwelcome bad experience, but is it?

First of all, any form of pain related to whichever

field in your life, opens you up, travelling you to the

darkest corners of your being, providing you thus with

an opportunity to shed some of your light there,

energizing & inspiring, embracing & accepting your

shady sides as much as your dim ones or those full of

light! At the same time, experiencing pain is probably one

of the most effective ways of understanding pain when

that is experienced by another fellow human. You are

in a better position to recollect ‘that feeling’ when you too

have passed down that road as it is familiar & it’s that very

familiarity in emotion which strikes the right buttons inside

of you, for you to stop for a second, feel that person’s experience,

relate & feel compassion & empathy…& Empathy is essential;

Empathy grants you the ability to see life from a universal point of

view, to become selfless for a bit & just in a sec, realize that someone

else’s pain is as meaningful as your own. Only with empathy is there true

kindness, only empathy opens up the world to you, freeing you from the

prison of YOU where you mostly experience separation from others…

Only empathy can truly connect you with All…Embrace experiences of pain

widening your circle of compassion, becoming truly One with All around!

Love & light,


Tania Pirilidou

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