Whisper of today 26.09.2013

Whisper of today  26.09.2013

Perhaps you often drown in your thoughts, in your

daily-life big & small challenging tasks, worries

& fears about ‘tomorrow’, disappointment in

humans around you or just loved ones you wish

well for… You then walk around life with a huge

invisible bag on your shoulders where you put it all in,

making hard to take steps and heavy to breathe…

Stop for a second & take a deep breath…Feel that air

filling up your chest, travelling through your body,

reaching your head! Allow yourself to take a moment

of peace- giving your restless brain a chance of fresh air,

a chance to unblock from its long-built mentalities, limited

mind-sets & narrow perceptions composed of fears, doubts,

insecurities, unnecessary repetitive thoughts which store feelings

of disappointment, poisoning our private sacred temple- our body!

Dare to take out that old tape from the radio of your brain!

Dare to play a different one- a tape of quiet nothingness-

a tape of silence; of reassuring peace, of clarity! A tape of your heart!

Make every morning the choice not to be a slave of your life

but a free & open-minded observer of it…a flexible &

open-spirited walker of it, returning at night

to a sweet warm loving heart…Yours!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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