Whisper of today 13.09.2013

Whisper of today    13.09.2013

People say “put your mind into action” but

rarely do you hear them say “put your heart

into it!” Equally people have trained them-

selves to activate their brain engine very well

& swiftly and carrying out their various doings

by putting & keeping alert their mind. It would

probably be safe to assume that a rough 80% of

human actions have the support and constant

feedback of the brain, whereas 80% of human

actions does not include the input and feeling

of the heart. Intelligence is not solely measured

by our brain & how well that has the ability or

training to perform; Intelligence is also measured

by our ability to recognise our wisdom, to come

in daily touch with the peacefulness emanating

from our heart, by our capacity to sense that

unlimited timeless silent space that dwells inside us

and rests behind the curtains of all ego and mind-

related shows! Put both your brain and your heart

into everything you do, aligning them into a

harmonious co-existence; Your ‘mind tool’ is used to

trigger and come up with the questions, whilst your

‘heart tool’ holds all the answers and solutions.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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