Whisper of today 06.09.2013

Whisper of today 06.09.2013

Eveything you do, think, feel, experience, expect,

everything says something about you as everything

stays with you & what you make of it is again your

choice. When we love, when we feel blessed and

fortunate with what /who we have in our lives,

when we are in gratitude and awareness, when

we feel strength & power, amuzement, kindness,

good intentions, such emotions sit and dwell

within you for you, flourishing & making your own

light more pure…clear, vibrant & luminous as your

heart, mind and soul is then harmoniously aligned…

Don’t make life more important than You!

You are Life! Life is there to serve you by providing

opportunities in which you can collect & experience

even more emotions…learn & grow. It is not important

how others feel, act or react…instead indulge in your

ability to love & care. It is a gift, that when enjoyed

by you, it matters not whether it is reciprocated.

Look at your heart straight in the eye and be awed.

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou

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