Whisper of today 26.08.2013

Whisper of today  26.08.2013


Do you recognize/accept your fears, the well-embedded principles

you live by, your underlying inhibitions, limited mind-set,

continuous anxious thoughts, your views on or approach

to others, others’ views or their approach to you and life?

Though most of that arises from your human ego-mind,

that very ego is still you. We are spiritual beings living

a human life & though our “ego” is capable of causing

“bad things”, from confusion to destruction, always remember

that that ego is yours…an essential part of your puzzle,

a triggering starting point of your lesson down on earth.

Feel for a minute a deep gratitude for your stubborn ego…

Take a deep breath…& calm your mind…forgive your ego

for often making life difficult and heavy whilst seeing clearly

that if it wasn’t for it, there would be no lesson there for

each of one us. Trust that the ‘dosage’ or particular form

of ego you ‘carry’ or portray is of the exact nature or

amount you need for your lesson to be revealed and for

your growth to take place as it is you who subconsciously

provides your necessary ground. Only when you surrender

fully to yourself and cease all judgment and resentment

to your own ego, can you then stop portraying inevitable

judgment and resentment to others, restoring love & peace.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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