Whisper of today 20.08.2013

Whisper of today 20.08.2013

It is sometimes so easy for us to jump to conclusions,

we often find it easier to judge than to understand,

accept or embrace. We most the time do this firstly

to ourselves and then to others and we most of the

times don’t do this with a bad intention but mainly

from fear. This fear, formed as a result of millions

of human factors, has transformed this resort to

‘critical judgment’ into a socially-acceptable and

normal reaction of us humans, almost like a reflex

subconscious action, which happens on its own…

Each person has already passed and will continue

to pass through numerous experiences of all

different kinds; Life is but a playground…whatever

the ride, wherever it leads…just accept that for you

to have hopped on and have placed yourself there,

then there is nowhere else you are meant to be,

nowhere else you are meant to be heading towards,

as your lesson is always just where you are and

often the lesson might be as simple as just accepting

where you are at and learning to surrender to the

lesson hidden in the very wagon you hopped on to!

Become aware of the power of your power & smile!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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