Whisper of Today 07.08.2013

Whisper of Today  07.08.2013

Think of that split second when a baby enters this world…

picture its soft skin, its tiny hand; bring to your ears the sound of

its very first cry, feel the gentleness and innocence of its heart…

and know that you are that tenderness…

Picture a fluffed-up little bird, spreading its wings, taking its first

proud fly…! Listen to its mother’s content birdsong and joyful chirping

and know…you are that dignified delightful freedom

Sniff the saltiness of a breeze by the beach, smell freshly-baked bread

and oven potatoes…inhale the smell of freshly-cut grass, a blossomed

rose, blow out a dandelion and watch its seeds perform their dance on air…

Imagine a still, quiet lake, the smile of a loving friend, sweet giggles of a

young child and know…you are all of that as all is part of you in this world..

Stick your tongue out and blink at the face of fear!

Face with courage and perseverance unexpected events!

See the beauty in simple pleasures as they are the ones that grant

amazement and wow-ness to the great pleasures!!

Love you, love others, love, love , love; as from the moment we come to

this world till the moment we leave it…that’s just what we are…LOVE!

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou

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