Whisper of today 26.07.2013

Whisper of today  26.07.2013

Don’t let the moment pass you by; that moment is all you truly have.

‘Now’ is always the best time to live! See clearly the difference

between ‘existing’ and ‘living’. To ‘live’ is to awaken every microcell

of your existence, to absorb and truly take in everything which surrounds

you, feeling with your heart the perfection of it all…Take a moment in

silence to feel deep gratitude for all, to feel connected and one with All…

Don’t block yourself or be doubtful or forgetful of your heart’s beautiful

and strong emotions. Pay full attention to them- they are your most

treasured belonging! Don’t procrastinate, neglect or hesitate

experiencing every single one of them, expressing them to your loved ones!

Success and happiness lies in that very moment whereby you stop to

listen to your heart’s melody and spread it further through words of kindness

and actions of love. That’s the real success! That’s the glory! Give people

your humble love and true light…for your life is nothing but a reflection

of your heart’s actions and your mind’s choices. When living your own love for

yourself, life, others and the world as a whole, rich in emotions of appreciation ,

compassion, empathy and affection, you will find that there really is

no better way or place to live in!

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou


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