Whisper of today 09.07.2013

Whisper of today   09.07.2013

Don’t expect to receive more respect from others than the

respect you show to firstly yourself & then to others

through your daily thoughts, choices & actions.

Don’t expect to receive more truth from life than the truth you

live it with. Don’t expect to receive more fun, smiles & laughter from life

than the fun, smiles & humour you add & show to it.

Have no doubt that your body, system & whole energy can identify & pick up

any form of emotion so be aware what kind of emotions & thoughts truly rest in

your heart & dwell in your mind.

Surrender fully to love when living & exploring life as life is a journey of exploring Love…

love for you, for life… love for the sun, for the earth, for animals,

love for a great grandpa, for wonderful friends, for a loving partner!

See clearly that loving others is not a favour to others or to others’ advantage…

That love is vividly experienced by you, your heart’s beautiful ride strongly felt by you,

its fire burning in your soul, spreading its health-giving light in your body,

benefitting firstly YOU…& then others!

Live with love…ALL of your love, put it all in everything you do, in everyone you love…

Remember that life isn’t about doing BIG things…

it’s about doing small things with A GREAT amount of love!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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