Whisper of today 12.06.2013

Whisper of today  12.06.2013

Have you ever entered your heart to experience its

warmth and serenity? Can you do that now & even

expand that very feeling even more? Do you realize

that you are the force behind your breath, giving

that breath value and gratitude or do you take that

breath for granted? It is You who is in charge of your

breath…of ensuring it comes in and out, every second

of the day not cripplingly or heavily but lightly, joyfully,

calmly…Behind that breath lies your perfect spirit, a

spirit which sees no wrong and knows no right, a respect-

ful essence, free of judgment, doubt & blame. See clearly

that there is nothing limiting you or your abilities other

than your limited & fearful mind. Break through old block-

ages or primitive ways of thinking or behaving & let come

forward your TRUE light..! Imagine with all your mind, have

faith in and accept what is, trust in your might and power as

you recognise that your Higher Self is always taking good care

of you, performing its outmost best. Indulge in the peace of

your heart as the spirit which inhabits your physical body can

never get lost but is always there…triggering your mind to the

direction of your soul’s wisdom, kindness, love…remembering

that you are unlimited potential of all, perfect, whole and complete.

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou


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