Whisper of today 04.06.2013

Whisper of today  04.06.2013


How often do you get insulted by what somebody said or

how somebody treated you? How often do you then rush

to judge that person, his/her choices and actions, creating

concrete conclusions of them, feeling certain that ‘this

conclusion of mine about him/her is right!’. Is it?? How

did you reach that conclusion? Other than very subjectively

with your set of views and values, when you consider that

what gets insulted or offended or hurt or disappointed and

often into attack mode, is ONLY your ego… your ego which

expects, demands, holds on, takes you & life so seriously, you

will see perhaps that that judgmental conclusion was not so

fairly & clearly taken. For when you get angry or upset, it is

your ego who feels so. Beyond your ego lies your perfect spirit,

a soul which is whole & complete, which cannot get insulted

or irritated as it is just unshaken peace and harmony, in accept-

ance of all. Once you have understood that, once you stop to

hear that silence deep inside of you, you will give less import-

ance to others and at the same time, enjoy more control over

you, avoiding wasting energy on unnecessary troublesome

thoughts, ill-feelings & wrong conclusions, giving others instead

the space and freedom to be, respecting their past experiences,

current struggles and future lessons…embracing and accepting!

There’s nothing there to forgive in others, but only to forgive

yourself for giving away your control, neglecting your own light.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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