Whisper of today 28.05.2013

Whisper of today  28.05.2013

From the minute you wake up, you have thoughts,

repeated mind patterns…a very large (if not most)

percentage of today’s thoughts are thoughts of

yesterday, of last week, of the past month. If some-

body handed you a box in which to place the thoughts

that are repetitive, blameful, tiresome, judgmental,

stressful, negative, how many would you find? Now

think: when all these thoughts overshadow your spirit,

when all such turmoil constantly shakes your emotional

world, how can you feel the inner calmness you are?

How can you then enter your body, to be able to go

beyond it and see clearly that you are not your body

nor your mind..! Think of the moon, the sun, the vast

intergalactic space: feel the grandness of space that

surrounds you. Be in that space. BE that space and feel

how you are one with all, as behind your breadth lies

an airy beautifully transparent soul…full of love and light!

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou

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