Whisper of today 22.05.2013

Whisper of today  22.05.2013

Why do we find it so difficult to truly search ourselves?

What is it we fear so much that makes us enter a state

of defence or paralysis or evasion? We ignore what lies

deep inside and misconceive various emotions gathered

over the years as being ‘us’, when the truth of us is peace,

serenity, egoless love…Throughout our life, we attract and

allow other people to enter our world, simply to give us an

opportunity to discover aspects of ourselves…our strengths

and our weakness, both of which make up YOU and both of

which one ought to embrace, just like a mother can never

truly love less a weaker child over a stronger. Others are

‘factors’ outside of us, but which provide us with the chance

to go inside of us. They are our guide to our own self, opening

the doors to our own reactions and emotions in response to

their various aspects, actions and behaviours. Be grateful for

whoever has entered your life, for no matter what they are like,

they granted you with the invaluable lesson & gift of coming a

step closer to YOU! Dare to embrace every side of yourself, the

good & the bad, the easy-going & the moaning, the positive you

& the negative, the dark & the bright; dare to enter your inner

lake on days of serenity & on days of storm…on both occasions

that lake is always…YOU! There’s nothing more important that

you can learn, see or meet in this life than YOU. Dare to meet

you. Dare to forgive you. Dare to accept you. DARE TO DARE…

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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