Whisper of today 15.05.2013

Whisper of today  15.05.2013

Do you consciously or subconsciously judge yourself

or others? Do you show yourself the deserved respect

and authority? Do you trust in your abilities and tolerate

your ‘inabilities’? Do you forgive yourself? Only when we

stop judging ourselves can we ever truly stop judging others.

Only when we can portray tolerance and kindness to us, can

we then accept others and live in harmony. Only when we

forgive ourselves for the guilt we carry, for losing our way, for

losing our truth, can we again find our way and truth. Forgiveness

is not a moment’s act – it is a constant process throughout your

day of acceptance of what is – a subtle peaceful inner respectful

acceptance of all. Think today of aspects of your character, reactions,

emotional and mental states you display – deeply rooted as they

may be (or appear to be), how much of that is YOU? How much of

that has just been taken on from others, such as your parents, your

friends, society? Respectfully give back to others their truth, in full

gratitude for what their truth has taught you, but with a free

conscious choice, that from now on, you will only live YOUR Truth!

Love & Light,


Tania Pirilidou

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