Whisper of today 11.02.2013

Whisper of today 11.02.2013

People are often over-attached to what is theirs, to the stage where they can be blinded by a shield of ego, becoming short-sighted, biased, easily insulted, in defence or attack mode or simply in support of what is theirs…From the moment we come to this world and society we are given our name, our mother, our toy our house our dog, our teacher, our friend our clothes, our pen ‘our’ ‘our’ ‘our’…Soon the ‘our’ extends much further than these, encompassing core emotions, skills, characters, such as my pain, my experience, my idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, my performance on my job, my style, my type of person, my set of beliefs. How REAL is this ‘mine’, ‘my’, ‘ours’? How FAIR does it allow our ideas and judgment to be? How abundant and free is our approach to life and others whilst carrying this strong attachment to it? Practising every single day this mine-based way of being, consciously or subconsciously, from the smallest to the biggest things, material or not, has grown unto our skin and has given such body and solidness to a deception of the mind that the idea alone of letting go or of the realization of its illusionary existence freaks people out as, unsurprisingly, the ego rushes to remind you that “all that is YOURS and you MUSTN’T let go”! Life is then so troublesome and heavy as the pain of losing what is ours, seeing who is ours get hurt, or just constantly defending or protecting what is ours is indeed overwhelming. Give up that resistance, free your mind to detach from what ‘belongs’ to you or to the ones you love, realizing that we are all independent, beautiful spirits, whole and unique, belonging only to our own hearts. We belong to no one or nothing and nothing or no one belongs to us. Be true to your heart and free it from the chained imprisonment of ‘Mine’!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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