Whisper of today 14.02.2013

Whisper of today 14.02.2013

How often do you wonder what love is? Love is…flowers,

love is a kitten, love is a smile, love is some tender words,

love is the telling of a good joke, love is sharing, love is

caring, love is a warm affectionate flame of light dwelling

within all of us and when carried with awareness, it provides

peace and solutions to everything! The only way to give Love

is to give it first to ourselves, for what is there truly to offer to

others from an empty basket? Love is not something we expect

to receive from others, as, no matter how or what they offer us,

we will feel a numb nothingness and little gratitude, if we don’t

have love for ourselves. Forgive yourself for times you neglected

your own internal and eternal flame of love, worrying not, as you

realise that it never stopped burning, you just failed to pay grati-

tude and attention to it. Forgive yourself for times you gave your

love to others with no response in quantity and quality, realizing

that whilst you were giving love, it was you that gave away your

control and allowed that love to transform into pain, seeing how

that person may not have been in the position to accept, recognise

or embrace love, as he/she had forgotten his/her own love. Promise

yourself today to always remind yourself of the Love you are, to dive

inwards and magnify it, generating more and more of it, sharing it

with others with respect, tenderness and power, knowing that you

are nothing but a breath of Love…a special, eternal and divine flame!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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