Whisper of today 08.02.2013

Whisper of today 08.02.2013

People are sometimes “caught” in situations where

they feel unable to gain control and tell the truth

about how they feel, think, wish or simply to say

what they truly wish to say- the blunt honest raw

TRUTH. They label this attitude as a form of kindness

or a shy nature, finding excuses like “being embarrassed

or “not having the heart to insult/hurt the other” or

simply not wishing to be rude by saying no”, but think

of how far one fails to respect and honour himself and

his freedom of choice right then and there? When you

continue to walk through life overstepping your own self,

drifted to situations you dislike, carrying out ‘unwanted’

favours, being the supposed “kind victim” how is it that

you can be so convinced that the other person is being

then shown respect from you? When kindness, politeness

and respect have Truth, Strength, Power, Honesty, Freedom

as their base, how do you expect them to develop from a

suppressed, weak and victimised source, with good yet fake

intentions? When the giver is not respectful of himself, why

or where, in that act of giving, do you search for any real

respect? A favour to others and a good deed comes from an

open, free and light heart. Keeping the truth from others,

caramelizing their world, is not only catastrophic to your

integrity and power, but also disrespectful to others, as you

are already making a choice for them that they are “not

ready to hear the truth”, deciding and treating them as

weak and narrow-minded children, rather than as mature,

perfect, whole and complete adults, ready to deal, understand,

embrace and accept the truth…!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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