Whisper of Today 05.02.2013

Whisper of Today  05.02.2013

How much do you accept yourself, others, your

circumstances, your life? How much love do you

show yourself, others, life? How kind are you to

you, others, life? How much fun and peace do you

offer to yourself… then others then life? Placing

yourself first in the equation of granting of all that

is the only way the procedure can run! Donating,

with your best intentions only to others will lead

you to an empty drained source, a provider of pure

yet wishful thinking, not having much left to share

with others. Love can only be shared when you have

it for your enjoyment in the first place. Go deep

inside yourself. Meet yourself there! Say a sweet ‘hi’ to

you! Love yourself up! Appreciate your life and efforts,

accept you, embrace you, place your heart and passion

in your every action, allow yourself to laugh, be the one

who makes you laugh…& when the dance of life comes

to an end, whilst you’re making your final bow on its

stage, make sure you dazzle… feeling proud, happy,

content and the one who is clapping for YOU the most!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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