Whisper of Today 01.02.2013

Whisper of Today 01.02.2013

We don’t love to be loved back, we don’t give

to be given back, we don’t take care to be taken

care, we don’t cherish a friend to be cherished

back, we are not ‘always there’ in the expectation

that the other will be there for us, we don’t offer

kindness and compassion to be offered them back.

Such expectations create internal conflicts as, if you

don’t receive back all what you have given, your ego

fills you up with disappointment and you are quick to

‘victimizing’ yourself, blaming others for their “lack of

gratitude and ability to love and reciprocate all what

you so open-handedly gave!”. But true love does not

think, blame, expect- it’s simply offered- Love simply

  1. The act of giving can only enjoy its full dimension

when it is done from the heart, when we offer, care,

deeply love and show it, for us…How the ‘offerees’ of

that love will react or act, return or not those emotions,

it matters not and should not be judged. True love and

good intentions for others implies understanding and

providing the other the peace and space to respond as

they wish and be themselves. Just that attitude alone,

will inspire and energize others to be your reflection,

providing them freedom & space to express their love!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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