Whisper of today 31.01.2013

Whisper of today 31.01.2013

Our heart is a tool, often considered as ‘fragile’

‘sensitive’ ‘tender’ and thus ‘weak’…but we forget

that tenderness and kindness are not signs of

weakness and despair but manifestations of strength

and perseverance, as a display of love is a privilege of

the courageous and the brave… of those who dare to

expose their heart to this world and to everyone and

everything which comes with it! The heart is the

strongest ‘weapon’ we are equipped with. Anything

can be taken from you, from your material belongings

to your physical body…but can anyone ever by force

take your heart? No. The heart always remains free

Picture your heart as the sun… your own private little

sun… its rays always shedding soothing light..! In just

that same way, your heart produces nothing but warm

healing rays of ‘love-light’ – a powerful ‘substance’ and

your most mighty companion!!!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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